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Neighborhood Fashion Victims

30 May

Yes, they are wearing matching yellow Crocs. Sorry for the blurry picture; I had to chase after them to snap this shot.

Ice Cream Under the Bridge

28 May

As a former New England girl, homemade ice cream is very important to me. Luckily, I can find some of the freshest, purest, all natural ice cream flavors, just a few blocks away. The Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory sits on the corner of Old Fulton and Water Street near Brooklyn Bridge Park.

The menu doesn’t include fancy flavors or wild toppings, but stays simple, with classics like vanilla, chocolate chocolate chunk, and coffee. I suggest the strawberry on a cone, but make sure to sit down by the water while you enjoy it; it tastes better that way.

It’s Sunnier in Brooklyn

26 May

(picture credit Paul W. Fusco)

One peeve I had with Manhattan last summer was that there’s no sunning space. On a hot day, if I wanted to go lay in the sun (I know, I know, cancer, melanoma) I had to trek up to Central Park or pay $600 for a rooftop membership at a gym. Now all I have to do is walk a couple blocks down to Brooklyn Bridge Park, which will soon include six piers.

Currently only pier 1 is finished, but it’s 9.5 acres of green lawns and tree-lines pathways. If it wasn’t fabulous enough already, the pier will also include a water garden and salt marsh by this summer. If you’re going to go visit, make sure to stop by on Monday June 1st for “Make Music New York!” an all day concert festival.

Take note earth-conscious people, this park is sustainable, made of salvaged materials, and includes green roofs and will use renewable power like solar energy. I run on solar energy too, so it all works out. Check out this interactive map to see more.

Drink like a Brooklyn-er

26 May

Even if you don’t live in Brooklyn, you can still drink like you do. Spike Lee has teamed up with Absolut to create a Brooklyn tribute beverage, “Absolut Brooklyn.” A former resident of Cobble Hill, Lee designed the brownstone label on the bottle and the apple-flavored alcohol. The bottle will cost you about $24.99, but Absolut will be donating a portion of the proceeds to Habitat for Humanity in hopes of building more affordable housing in Bedford-Stuyvesant.

Want a cocktail? Visit Michael Towne Wine and Spirits on Henry Street, not far from my new apartment!


24 May

If you haven’t been to the Promenade yet, start walking (driving, flying, biking) over there now. My apartment sits just two blocks away, and it’s the most amazing views of Downtown Manhattan. Apparently it’s a hot date spot too, as it seems everyone is making out down there. For non make out-ers, it’s also great place for jogging and biking.

picture credit Paul W. Fusco

Grimaldi’s Groupies Wait for Pie

23 May

A line stretched across Fulton Street in Dumbo yesterday. I assumed an event was going on, a concert or show, maybe even a big sale, but discovered the line was for Grimaldi’s Pizza. Are the slices that line-worthy? If you’ve tried it, let me know if it’s worth the wait.

GIANT line at Grimaldi's Pizza

Siggy’s: The Organic Utopia

22 May

"The Green Omlette"

Our first Brooklyn Brunch was at Siggy’s Good Food, an organic utopia sitting at 76 Henry Street. Adorned in colorful paintings, and bold prints, the restaurant includes indoor and outdoor seating, as well as a coffee and smoothie bar. Known as “the Universe’s First Organic Diner,” I wanted to try everything, but opted for the “Green Omlette” stuffed with spinach, mushrooms, and parsley, with a fair trade coffee to drink. Paul also went for eggs, topping them with hot sauce.

Siggy’sonly uses local and organic ingredients, striving to help local farmers. Not a brunch person? Check out their wine and beer list, and head over on Wednesday nights for live jazz.

We finished off the meal with two smoothies to go. Mine, a blend of coconut and pineapple, while Paul chose a tangy mix of Amazon berries, strawberries, and orange juice. Visit their website for the full menu, and take a look at the pictures from my experience.

Meet my neighbor.

22 May

Did I tell you I live right next to a wine bar? Probably a little too ideal for me, my apartment sits in the same building as the Brooklyn Heights Wine Bar. With a more relaxed atmosphere than most Manhattan wine bars, this spot is filled with with cozy candle-lit tables and boasts an extensive wine and cocktail list.

We prefer Spanish red, so we got a bottle of Piqueras Castillo de Almansa, but the menu also includes more local bottles and even the now-popular Prosecco. We paired the wine with some marinated olives and two cheeses– one strong and one more mild. I definitely want to stop in for dinner sometime, as dishes like the Moroccan salmon and calamari with pearl pasta look too good.

It definitely beats living above the “Six Happiness” Chinese restaurant and “Wingers.”

The Promise Land

22 May

I wanted to be cool and buy antique furniture for my Victorian-looking apartment. After scouring several small antique shops (Brooklyn Heights and Cobble Hill have a ton!) I realized the prices really diminished the cool-ness. Where can you find a giant warehouse full of cheap furniture in Brooklyn? IKEA!

Ikea’s power is so strong that they even have a shuttle at the Smith and 9th Street station to cart people over all day. If you haven’t been yet, GO. It’s massive; especially for a store in New York, where everything is usually sized down. Table and chair set? $99. Tall wooden table for the kitchen? $99. Four piece knife set? $2.99. The store overflows with wall art, kitchenware, bedding, furniture, and even random things that I never thought I would need like a wall shelf for the bathroom.

One piece of advice? DON’T get the delivery service; it’s pretty expensive and you have to wait in line forever. Instead, Ikea has cars that will come pick you and your items up and bring you right to your door. The Brooklyn Heights car only costs $16; and compared to the $90 delivery charge, that’s fabulous.

Take a look at our new table and chair set for our window nook below, and get out to IKEA now.

We’re in.

19 May

My countdown to the move began back in October, and finally happened just last weekend. We stuffed a rented U-Haul and spent two full days lifting and lugging our possessions up and down the stairs of the two apartments. I couldn’t have been more pleased to strain my biceps, as this was my escape from the dreaded Second Avenue slums.

Ok, so it wasn’t THAT bad. Maybe I’m being a tad dramatic– Second Avenue and 38th Street is far from being anything close to “slummy.” But waking up to the smell of greasy Chinese food and the sounds of pigeon wars was getting old. So my boyfriend Paul and I chose our new Brooklyn Heights apartment for a few reasons:

1. There’s light streaming through the windows.

2. Trees.

3. A bedroom that fits more than a bed.

4. An antiquish looking fireplace

5. We’re only two blocks away from the promenade (if you don’t know what that is– stay tuned.)

I could keep listing but I’ll save some for later. Take a look at some of my pictures pre-move in– don’t mind the mess.