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Learn from your Hummus

30 Sep

Brooklyn-based hummus company Sonny & Joe’s started in tiny pushcarts, and was sold on the streets of Williamsburg. Today, the naturally delicious product can be found at markets and grocery stores all over the country. Aside from coming in 9 fab flavors like Garlic, Buffalo, and Toasted Sesame, each container contains a short history of a famous Brooklyn location– like Coney Island or the Brooklyn Bridge. So top your pita, dip your crackers, and spread Sonny & Joe’s on your sandwich– and learn a little about the borough from your food.

Wear this Now: BQT Shirts

29 Sep

Aha! My latest discovery? A brand new tee shirt company, BQT Shirts, who, as they say, “embody NYC.” I’m even more excited because the guy who started the company is from Syracuse (I’m an SU girl), but he fell in love with Brooklyn (who wouldn’t?) and created Brooklyn-y tees, like this one pictured. Check out their temporary site here, and buy a tee for $22.

Gulp from this Glass

28 Sep

Need some new drinking glasses to add to your collection? Buy these cute Brooklyn-themed cups from Home & Haven, a Carroll Gardens home goods store located at 177 Smith Street.

Brooklyn-ize Your Hand Picked Apples

27 Sep

Apple picking is one of my favorite Fall activities, and while there aren’t any orchards in the city, there are plenty of options not too far away. Over the weekend, I tried Outhouse Orchards in North Salem, NY. I know, the name sounds gross, but the orchard offers crisp apples, warm cider donuts, pumpkin cheesecakes, barnyard animals, and sweet apple cider. For $25, pickers get a giant bag to fill with as many apples as they can squeeze in. From Brooklyn, take the subway to Grand Central Station, where you can buy a Metro North ticket to Croton Falls on the Harlem line, a stop about an hour away. From there, a friendly taxi service will take you three miles down the road to Outhouse.

So what to do with a giant bag of apples? Brooklyn-ize them with local toppings! Head over to Two for the Pot in Brooklyn Heights or D’amico Foods in Carroll Gardens. Here you can find fresh spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, sugar, and cloves to make an autumn-esque powder to sprinkle on top.

Prefer caramel or chocolate? Try the caramel dip or chocolate syrup from Fox’s— also made right here in Brooklyn. If you’re a peanut butter lover like me, you should go to The Nut Box on Smith Street in Carroll Gardens, where you can make your own peanut butter. Any other suggestions? Comment here!

Enough Pumpkin to Feed Brooklyn?

27 Sep

Giant pumpkin takes over the counter of Foragers Market in Dumbo

Free Ferry and Bike Rentals TODAY!

25 Sep

(picture credit Paul W. Fusco)

Attention all you crazy Manhattanites who have attitude about Brooklyn! Here’s your chance to see some of the best features of our borough for free. Today, September 25th, free bike rentals and free ferry service will be available between the two boroughs. The NYHarborWay Ferry departs from South Street Seaport from 11am to 5pm, and arrives at Brooklyn Bridge Park, on both pier 1 and pier 6.

It’s a gorgeous day for a bike ride. Pick up your free 90-minute bike rental  at Bike and Roll, at Old Fulton Street, next to the entrance of Pier 1. The bikes are also read for you between 11am and 5pm.

What’s the occasion? The free service is a part of the Brooklyn Bridge Park Greenway Celebration— a celebration of the opening of Brooklyn Bridge Park’s Greenway and temporary bikeway/walkway.

Need some more suggestions for what to do when you get to Brooklyn? Email me at

Sweeten Your Day with Honeydrop

24 Sep

Need a sweet refresher that doesn’t contain lots of refined sugars and artificial preservatives? Try Deluxe Honeydrop— a Brooklyn-based beverage company offering up  delicious flavored waters, sweetened with 100% natural organic honey. Why honey? After Honeydrop Founder David Luks (deluxe) battled cancer, he studied the medicinal properties of honey, creating a drink that not only tastes good, but is good for you too. Studies suggest that honey may alleviate coughs and sore throats, protect against diabetes and hypertension, and even reduce swelling and scarring.

Deluxe Honeydrop offers four flavors– apple, blood orange, chamomile, and blueberry. I tried blood orange, otherwise known as “Bee Alive” and it was so good! I gulped it down within minutes. I purchased my bottle at Peas & Pickles in Dumbo, but can be found in various markets throughout the city. Contact Honeydrop at to find a location near you!

Who else needs a park nap?

23 Sep

(picture credit Paul W. Fusco)

Cheers to Fall: The Best Pumpkin Beers

22 Sep

Today marks the first day of Fall. To celebrate the season change, why not grab a cold, pumpkin flavored beer that you can find right here in Brooklyn? Check out these three picks!

1. Sixpoint- Pumpkin Brew

According to Sixpoint’s tweets, it’s brand new and it’s already selling out fast. The Red Hook-based brewery has been experimenting with fresh pumpkin and canned pumpkin, allowing tasters to pick which they like better. To find out the closest pumpkin brew spot near you, contact Sixpoint— and keep up with their tweets (@sixpoint).

2. Brooklyn Brewery- Post Road Pumpkin Ale

Hundreds of pounds of pumpkins are blended into the mash of this ale, creating a warm amber color and a harvest-y aroma. Brooklyn Brewery offers Post Road from August through November. Take one of the weekend tours at the Williamsburg brewery to see how the brew is made, and of course, sample!

3. Southern Tier- Pumking

No, this brewery isn’t based in Brooklyn, it’s in Lakewood, New York. But Pumking by Southern Tier is one of my favorite Fall brews– and you can find it in Brooklyn too! When I lived in Manhattan, I scoured the city to find Pumking– only discovering it for $18 a bottle. Here in Brooklyn, I’ve already found it in two places– American Beer Distributing Company for $9, and Peas and Pickles in Dumbo for $8.49.

A Tornado Souvenir

21 Sep

Remember that crazy tornado in Brooklyn last week? I certainly do– I got caught in the intense rain and wind on my way to class, arriving soaked and windswept. Here’s a new way to remember it forever: tornado remembrance pins. Brooklyn accessories designer Wreckords by Monkey decided to contribute to the cleanup effort by using the wood from fallen sycamore trees in Bushwick and Bed-Stuy. A set of two pins, one that says, “I Survived the NYC Tornado 9-16-10” and the other, “A tree fell in Brooklyn” go for $11 on SupermarketHQ.