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Show your Snowpocalypse Pride.

31 Dec

If you survived the 20 inches of snow that fell on the borough, you deserve a trophy, a pat on the back, and one of these pins from Zazzle. They’re super cheap– only $1.45-$5.95 per pin, and come in a variety of sizes. Perhaps you need the 6 inch “Colossal” pin to show your pride? Bonus: Everything is 20.11% off for 2011… I know, weird, but I won’t complain about a discount.

Extend your holiday celebrations

30 Dec

Can’t bear to take down your holiday lights and turn off your Christmas playlist? If you’re still celebrating, head down to Park Slope for the “Holiday Light Spectacular” running every night until January 8th, 2011. This isn’t just any lights display– this is entertainment.

For the past three years, Brooklyn local Ryan Powers and his best friend have been creating four-minute “theatrical productions,” synchronizing lights around a holiday story. This year is a “50’s Rock and Roll Christmas” theme, complete with video and animatronics.¬†All of the decor is handmade, so no store-bought lighting here!

Shows start at 5pm, and will continue every 20 minutes after that. Make sure to become a fan of the “Holiday Light Spectacular” on Facebook, and stop by to extend your holiday festivities.

Did you dig out yet?

29 Dec

Remember that flight I was lucky enough to get a seat on? Well, after spending yesterday at Logan Airport in Boston, the flight was cancelled. Luckily, I found a bus back to the city just in time. I’ve never been so happy to see the corner of Cranberry and Henry Streets– albeit snow covered. Brooklyn is buried. So tell me your snow stories! Did you crawl out yet?

Cranberry Street in Brooklyn Heights (picture credit Paul W. Fusco)


27 Dec

There are no flights to New York today, so I’m in New Hampshire for one more day. I somehow lucked out and got the last seat on a Jetblue flight tomorrow, so I don;t have to brave the Fung Wah bus or the Greyhound. Brooklyn posts soon to come!

Only in New Hampshire.

A New England Christmas Eve Dinner

25 Dec

It's not the holidays without baked stuffed lobsters.

Where I’m Becoming From

24 Dec

My parents' front yard in New Hampshire

Since I am “Becoming Brooklyn,” I must have come from somewhere else first. And while I was living in Manhattan, and went to school in Syracuse, I’m originally from a small town in New Hampshire. For the next few days, I will be celebrating the holiday season with my family back in the Granite State, so I’ve decided to show you where I come from. It’s a little bit different than Brooklyn… with a little bit more snow too.

Your Perfect Nacho Topping

23 Dec

I’ve already told you about how delicious the Brooklyn Salsa Company’s salsas are, but I didn’t tell you about my new favorite flavor– “The Harvest.” Sure, Fall’s over, but maybe I’m in denial. This is their Autumn Seasonal blend, which is a mix of butternut squash, coconut milk, orange juice, chili peppers, lime juice, cilantro, sea salt, and cinnamon. It sounds odd, but it’s SO good.

Get yours on the website here, or check out the list of locations.


Say Goodbye to Sign Stealing

21 Dec

It’s probably a bad idea to steal a subway sign. It would most likely take some heavy duty wrenching equipment too. With “Flying Junction,” you don’t have to worry about all of that trouble. The Etsy retailer creates vintage subway signs and bus scrolls to adorn your walls. Flying Junction professionally prints the signs on canvas with ink. Check out their Etsy shop for more, and see two Brooklyn signs below.

Exclusive Deal at Siggy’s!

20 Dec

Know anyone who can take advantage?

Edible Heaven at The Chocolate Room

19 Dec

My chocolate molten cake

I knew that The Chocolate Room is a great place to buy specialty chocolate bars and truffles, but I just discovered that it’s also a chocolate cafe. I couldn’t help but give it a try. So, I took a seat in the back and was greeted by a giant dessert menu filled with chocolate-centered dishes like Chocolate Layer Cake, Brownie Sundae, and Chocolate Fondue for Two.

I settled on one of the specials, a Chocolate Molten Cake served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and a caramel sauce. If you can eat Heaven, I think I found it. Another feature of the menu is a wine pairing with each dessert, which only adds to the cafe’s divinity.

More good news! The Chocolate Room is devoted to helping rural farmers in Madagascar get more value for their crops. So not only are you eating for your own happiness, but you’re helping a good cause too. Visit The Chocolate Room at 269 Court Street (the Cobble Hill location that I visited), or in Park Slope at 86 5th Avenue.