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A Park with a View

31 Jul

The gorgeous view from Brooklyn Bridge Park - Pier 1

Where to Get Robbed Right Now: Brooklyn Heights

30 Jul

The Scene of the Crime

Yesterday at approximately 1:15pm ET, I walked along Henry Street between Joralemon and State Street whilst emailing on my iPhone 4. As I strolled along the tree-lined brownstone-filled street,a thief snatched the phone from my hand and sprinted West toward Hicks Street. I screamed for help and a nearby man ran after the phone thief, but was unsuccessful in catching up with him.

In a panic, I ran to Atlantic Avenue to find a phone. A woman hauling a giant grocery bag was kind enough to calm me down and lend me her phone to call the police, and even offer to let me stop by her apartment to use the phone again if I needed it. Within seconds, an undercover police car zipped up in front of me, and two cruisers headed down towards the Pier 6 area to look for the cell swindler. I hopped into the undercover car to scour the area. The helpful officers helped me look for over an hour, but with no luck, we went to the Downtown Brooklyn police station to fill out some paper work.

The officers offered to drive me home, but with an emergency call to the Vinegar Hill area, they kicked the car into high gear, speeding from the station to another crime scene involving a chase and a gun. “Stay in the car” they told me, as if I was able to do anything more than clutch my seat. After a successful arrest, they took me back to my apartment.

“I didn’t think this would happen in Brooklyn Heights,” I said with thoughts of the Promenade and quaint brownstones dancing in my head.

“You would be surprised. This stuff happens all the time,” one officer said.

The sleepy streets of Brooklyn Heights may not be crime-ridden, but even in the usually-peaceful neighborhood, it can happen. Despite being robbed in broad daylight on a Friday afternoon and shelling out hundreds for a new phone, at least I know I’m living in a place where my neighbors and police officers care to help me, and perhaps I’ve learned a little bit more about Becoming Brooklyn.

My phone and me, pre-thief.



Refresh at Smith Canteen

28 Jul

Another heat wave is around the corner, and that means it’s time to hydrate. My favorite Brooklyn coffee shop Smith Canteen has the perfect remedy for a sweltering day, hand-squeezed lemonade and sweet tea. Pair your refresher with an almond croissant or a homemade poptart (yes, I said homemade poptart) and you will not be disappointed! Smith Canteen is located at 343 Smith Street in Carroll Gardens.

Store your stuff the Brooklyn way.

27 Jul

I found these Brooklyn-y chests at Dumbo home store, Journey Home, located at 72 Front Street.

Where to Eat Right Now: DuMont

27 Jul

DuMont is known for it’s spectacular burgers, but if you need another reason to eat there right now, it’s the amazing backyard garden dining experience. From the Williamsburg street, Dumont looks modest, with a green neon sign and simple decor. A step inside will bring you to the bar and indoor seating area, but don’t stay in there too long, if the weather is good, head out back. The spacious backyard covered with greenery makes for an ideal date spot or group dinner.

The cuisine is casual and comfortable, but extremely well done and unique with dishes like the classic Du-mac and Cheese, Brick Roasted Heritage Chicken, and the infamous Dumont Burger. Just make sure not to leave without ordering the frito misto (or Rock Shrimp, Calamari, Skate, Summer Squash, Lemon, Capers, and Chipotle Aioli) for an appetizer and the candied pecan sundae for dessert. Also, you must try the summery cocktails like the “Zip-a-dee-do-dah” (a watermelony blackberry vodka mix) and my fave, the super-fresh Dill Fresca.

Plan your next night out at DuMont, located at 432 Union Street, and check out the full menu here.






I love you even though you are bald.

26 Jul

Local Brooklyn designer Annie Sklaver is creating unique and (in this case) honest greeting cards and prints and offering them up on Etsy. Annie is a fellow Brooklyn enthusiast. and has an awesome website to show her full portfolio. Check out her Etsy shop, and pick up this card for just $4. It comes with an envelope for easy mailing.


Farmers Market Find of the Weekend 7.24.11

24 Jul

Spotted at Borough Hall Farmers Market on 7.23.11

Grand Opening of the Dekalb Market

23 Jul

The Dekalb Market just launched this weekend, and of course, I ran down there today to check it out. Housed in a collection of salvaged shipping containers, the market is very similar to the Brooklyn Flea, with a selection of local grab and go foods, designers, artists, and plenty to look at. The difference is that it’s much less crowded (for now), providing a nice alternative for those who don’t want to shuffle through the flea masses.

Another reason to love it? The purpose is to bring together Brooklyn’s community, and provide an economic opportunity for independent entrepreneurs and creative people like makers, artists, farmers, and chefs. Some of the vendors include Pasticcio, Sour Puss Pickles, Robicelli’s, 3rd Ward, and Brooklyn Beats. Because of the heat, I couldn’t help but stop by Nile Valley Eco-Juice and Smoothie Bar for a mango banana smoothie. It was the perfect heat relief remedy. I also spotted some beautiful jewelry, as well as hand-dyed silk clothing and accessories by Katrin Reifeiss.

Check out Dekalb Market soon, located at Flatbush and Willoughby Streets.

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Cool off with Deluxe Honeydrop’s New Flavors

22 Jul

I was browsing Foragers Market today (as usual), when I noticed that my favorite bottled beverage Honeydrop launched some brand new flavors– Green Tea,  Lemon Tea, and my fave, Lemon Ginger Tea. The original Chamomile, Blood Orange and Blueberry are new and improved too.

Deluxe Honeydrop is a Brooklyn-based beverage company offering up  delicious flavored waters, sweetened with 100% natural organic honey. Why honey? After Honeydrop Founder David Luks (deluxe) battled cancer, he studied the medicinal properties of honey, creating a drink that not only tastes good, but is good for you too. Studies suggest that honey may alleviate coughs and sore throats, protect against diabetes and hypertension, and even reduce swelling and scarring.

This is a Brooklyn-made must try– especially on a torturously hot day like today.

Win a Field Trip with 61Local!

20 Jul

61Local and Becoming Brooklyn have teamed up to offer one lucky Brooklyn-ite the ultimate field trip to one of three cool Brooklyn destinations– The Brooklyn Brewery, Red Hook Winery, or Oslo Coffee! All you have to do is go on Becoming Brooklyn’s Facebook page and answer the giveaway question, “What is your favorite Brooklyn-made product?” THEN get your friends to like it. The answer with the most likes by 1pm on Friday 7/22, you get the opportunity to see where some of our favorite Brooklyn producers turn out their best products (plus you’ll get to sample products, which is obviously a bonus). Visit Becoming Brooklyn’s Facebook page here to win!