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Brooklyn Museum Exclusive: Keith Haring Exhibit

30 Apr

My first guest post! Please welcome Caitlin O’Connell, a Brooklyn Native, foodie, and tumblr-er (yes, another Brooklyn-loving Caitlin).Check out her latest trip to the Brooklyn Museum, specifically the Keith Harning exhibit. 

Keith Haring’s signature images—the barking dog, radiant baby, and running figure—though now synonymous with street art, strike a deeper, nostalgic connection with New York City art-goers. His works evoke the gritty New York City of the 1980s and 90s, when subways cars were outfitted in outrageous graffiti and the East Village was still an authentic bohemian scene.  Granted I hadn’t been born yet and so I missed these raw years in the city’s history, but  I can still appreciate the culture that Haring was working in and the urban influences that shaped his art.

A current exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum (on view through July 8) pays homage to Haring’s early career in the city, beginning with his enrollment in the School of Visual Arts in 1978. Walking in, visitors are greeted by a massive black and white untitled work set against a deep red wall, three colors characteristic of Haring’s art. The exhibit incorporates a variety of media, including some experimental videos, posters, and private journal sketches. My favorite part of the exhibit is a small dark hallway that contains a collection of the chalk subway drawings that cemented Haring’s status as a pop artist (unfortunately no photos allowed!).

A central theme of the exhibit is Haring’s belief that art is for everyone, and I think the curator was successful in conveying his message. Collectively, the exhibit has a somewhat personal feel, like not only getting a glimpse into the artist’s mind but also a piece of his life in New York City. For example, one poster beckons an unknown audience to continue to Mercer Street for what I imagine would be a really cool time.

I always love a visit to the Brooklyn Museum, and this exhibit made me feel all warm and New Yorker-y. So, go!

And just for fun, children of the 90s: anyone else remember this funky “Exit” video Keith Haring did for Sesame Street?

Becoming Brooklyn is Moving to….

29 Apr

After months of searching for a new apartment, Becoming Brooklyn finally decided to leave Brooklyn Heights for another neighborhood. I asked you for your advice. Where should I move? I got a lot of great answers… Prospect Heights, Greenpoint, Red Hook, Park Slope… but I made my decision and signed a lease just last week.

So where’s my new neighb? Drum roll please…….

Becoming Brooklyn is moving to CARROLL GARDENS in mid-May.

So some of you might be like why would you want to leave Brooklyn Heights? Well, BK Heights has treated me well in my transition from Manhattan. It’s a beautiful neighborhood, but let’s be honest, it’s a little quiet. Not only is Carroll Gardens better for me, it’s better for this blog. There’s more new and exciting Brooklyn stuff happening down there, so stay tuned for more about moving and my new neighborhood.

Tomorrow: Pick Your Tee Party

28 Apr

ImageTomorrow from 1-4pm Gowanus Print Lab is throwing a fab party for their “2nd Annual Greatest Most Awesomest T-Shirt Design Contest Ever.” NYC area college students submitted their original designs, and now you can go pick your fave. Four 1st Prize Winners and one $1000 Grand Prize Winner will be chosen by popular vote and announced at the end of the Awards Party.

Even better, during the viewing & voting period enjoy bar-b-q snacks from the grill (for both carnivores and herbivores!), free beer from Brooklyn Brewery and music. 
If you don’t know about the Gowanus Print Lab, it’s basically a fab screen printing studio that offers design classes and other cool stuff. Check them out here. 

Need a Brooklyn Broker?

27 Apr

Becoming Brooklyn is moving. Still staying in Brooklyn, of course, but to a different neighborhood (which will be announced in a future post, so keep an eye out). So for the past couple months, I’ve spent every spare moment I have sifting through real estate listings, picking through Craigslist, and wishing I could add $1000 per month (or maybe like $5,000 per month) to my budget. What I’ve learned? Moving is kind of a pain. Every other person in Brooklyn seemed to be looking for the same exact things I was. Sigh.

BUT… there was one person that made it less painful… my broker. Ok, I know. You’re sick of brokers. But put the bad rap aside for a second because this broker changed my mind about brokers.

I met Shay Mitchell-Peter on Twitter surprisingly, or not surprisingly if you know me, and she’s been a HUGE help in finding a place to live. She’s always working, always available, and always responsive to any listing I sent her way. Shay never pressured me through the process. She was always patient, even when I decided to change my mind 457 times.

And even when my head was spinning with neighborhoods, and buildings, and closet space, Shay was a calming presence, laying out all my options in an organized, sensible way.

Next time you move, make sure to contact Shay at or tweet her at @ShayRealEstate.

The Mayo Beyond All Other Mayos.

25 Apr

Let’s talk about mayonnaise. No, it’s not the sexiest spread out there, but it just got a little hotter thanks to Empire Mayonnaise Co. Think mayo + any delicious flavor you can think of in one spread– like walnut, saffron, bacon, white truffle, wasabi, black garlic, and lime pickle.

They use natural and organic local eggs and flavors whenever possible, but their primary goal is to make the best tasting and most interesting mayonnaise possible, so they do source ingredients from all over the world. AND of course, it’s made right here in Brooklyn.

Visit Empire Mayonnaise Co. at their store at 564 Vanderbilt Ave or just shop online.

Where to Eat Right Now: Zenkichi

22 Apr

Japanese Eggplant

I visited Zenkichi, the inconspicuous Williamsburg spot with no signage, and was impressed immediately. I waited for my friends in the gorgeous bamboo-covered waiting room that smelled like flowers… or fruit… or both. I can’t really put my finger on it, but I was into it. My group was seated upstairs in a candlelit wooden booth enclosed with a little curtain. I didn’t go there on a date, but next time I will because it was just that romantic.

So when you go after you read this, drink. sake. The extensive sake menu is a little overwhelming, but it’s categorized by the flavor that you’re looking for, which makes the choice a little easier. I wanted to order one of everything, but held back choosing a few items off the ala carte menu, including the Zenkichi Salad, the grilled Japanese eggplant, and the Grilled Fish of the Day, which was a salmon. I also tasted some of my friends’ picks, and highly recommend the Grilled Miso Oysters and the Potato Mochi. We finished with a walnut chocolate pudding, which was a little bit like the consistency of ice cream, except not as cold. (Does that make sense?)

Ok, so go make your reservation already. You’ll love it.

Grilled Salmon

Chocolate Walnut Pudding

Sausage + Pickles + Beer = Your May 2

21 Apr

If you haven’t heard by now, 61Local has an awesome class series featuring local Brooklyn artisans called Meet Your Maker. The next event in the series is May 2, 7-9pm, and it’s all about beer, sausage and pickles. And who better to teach the class than a head brewer from Kelso, the founder of Brooklyn Cured, and the founder of Brooklyn Brine?

Of course, you can’t learn without tasting, so there will be plenty of beer, sausage and pickled veggies to try. BONUS… 61Local is donating the funds to Brownsville Student Farm Project, and the project will even be there to tell you a little bit about it.

Get your tickets here; it’s going to be a unique event.

Wink & Flip Sparkles at the Dekalb Market

18 Apr

I stumbled upon the Dekalb Market this weekend on my way home from a morning in Fort Greene. I first fell in love with the market last year, but with one summer under its belt, this year it came back even better. One of my favorite new vendors is Wink Flip, a jewelry vendor with colorful statement necklaces and earrings. I was shocked to see the price tag for most items fell between $30 and $50. Visit their website here to see some of their pieces and read their blog, but more importantly, check them out at the Dekalb Market soon.

Farmers Market Find of the Weekend 4.15.12

17 Apr

Cuke plants found at the Fort Greene Farmers Market

Opening Day at the Brooklyn Flea Williamsburg

11 Apr