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Get in on this Bed-Stuy Bar Crawl

29 May

ImageI’m so excited for next weekend. Mostly because it’s my first ever Bed-Stuy Crawl. Three of my favorite Broklyn-ites, Alisha, Nicole, and Clay will be hosting this fantastic event on June 2nd at 5:30pm. They’re hitting up spots like The Bar at Peaches, Beso, Olivino, and Therapy Wine Bar (never tried any of them!). Plus, they’ll be raffling off up to $100 worth of prizes from Bed-Stuy business owners: Pelzer’s Pretzels, Olivino Wines, Bed-Stuy Bounty, and others.

I’ve already got my ticket– which gets me discounted food and drink specials and a chance to win the prizes. Get yours here! 

3 Carroll Gardens Eats I’m Excited About Right Now

27 May

ImageIf you didn’t know, I moved to Carroll Gardens last weekend. I’m basically pumped to be in my new neighborhood, but there are three things that make me excited t start the summer here. 

1. The Sweet Treats 

Two of the best dessert spots are just a couple blocks away from me– Momofuku Milk Bar and The Treats Truck. Not the actual truck I mean, The Treats Truck opened a brick and mortar spot right near my apartment. And Momofuku Milk Bar goes without saying… crack pie anyone? 

2. The BYOB Spots

Back in my Brooklyn Heights days, BYOB was unheard of. Not anymore with two fantastic spots right near by– Zaytoons and Lucali’s.  I see many falafel platters in my future, as well as the freshest pizzas in Brooklyn. PLUS, I can head over to Fat Cat Wines and pick up a bottle before I head over. That’s it. That’s what I’m doing tonight.

3. The Brunch Selection

Buttermilk Channel. Prime Meats. Seersucker. Frankie’s 457. Cubana Cafe. Le Petit Cafe. That’s an epic lineup. AND I’m 34,839 times closer to Red Hook– with access to some of my favorite spots like Alma, home made, and Fort Defiance. Brunch is my favorite meal, so this just makes sense. 

More Carroll Gardens foodie adventures to come… stay tuned. 

Party at Huckleberry Bar for Memorial Day

25 May

What’s the perfect way to celebrate the 3 day weekend? Hang out at Huckleberry Bar in Williamsburg for their 6th Annual Memorial Day BBQ & Garden Party. They’ll be cooking up traditional burgers and brats, as well as Stevie’s Famous Potato Salad, but even better, complimentary Tito’s cocktails. Just make sure to get there early– I doubt the free drinks will last long. The party is on Monday May 28th from 2 to 8pm. RSVP Here. 

Pretty Pickles.

24 May

If you haven’t tried Strong Place yet– go this weekend. They have one of the best beer lists in the city and a variety of prettily presented appetizers like these homemade pickles. Don’t forget to sit outside in their backyard. 


The Great Googa Mooga Recap

23 May
Please welcome back guest poster Caitlin O’Connell, foodie, tumblr-er and Brooklyn native. When I sadly could not attend GoogaMooga because of my move, she gladly stepped in for me!
The much hyped, highly anticipated Great GoogaMooga festival hit Brooklyn’s Prospect Park this weekend, to the delight of foodies city-wide. Based on the overwhelmingly negative chatter that dominated the Twittersphere’s response to the festival’s opening day, I braced myself for a hot, miserable, and crowded Sunday afternoon.

In spite of any initial apprehensions, I had a lot of fun at the festival on Sunday. I’m still unsure how much of that good time can be attributed to GoogaMooga itself, or how much of it is just that it’s always enjoyable drinking with good friends in beautiful weather. But I will say the food was delicious, the beer selection was appropriately local and tasty, and the crowds were manageable (aside from an amusingly sauced gentleman in a Wisconsin Badger tank-top who took to liberally-defined yoga session on the grass).Food: Unfortunately my eyes were  bigger than my stomach, and I was only able to try a few dishes (despite a valiant attempt to share plates and stagger meatier dishes). Although we were hungry when we first arrived, we weren’t ready to wait on any long lines. Our first eat was Crif Dog’sChihuahua Dog, a bacon-wrapped hot dog topped with avocado and sour cream. The tater tots added an extra $4 to the cost ($12 total), but no way could we have passed on these perfectly crisped taters.After surveying our options– April Bloomfield’s famed roquefort-topped burger was a contender, though I worried it would be too filling– we followed our craving for wings to the surprisingly deserted counter at Kasadela, the East Village Japanese kitchen and Sake House serving up two kinds of fried chicken wings. Fearing the alternative seaweed/fried chicken combo, we ordered our wings Tebasaki style ($8 for five wings). Slathered in honey pepper, the wings were crisp, tangy, and crazy tasty enough to compel finger-licking. Reminiscing now to the grumblings of my stomach, the wings were my favorite dish of the day.

There were a few more plates we would have liked to try, but they were either sold out (like Blue Ribbon’s fried chicken, which is apparently so delicious it instigated a fist fight) or the line was much too long (Roberta’s pizza). And others, like Do or Dine’s $11 Foie Gras doughnut, I was fine with skipping.

Drinks: For most of the afternoon, I alternated sipping Woodchuck Amber Cider ($7) and the refreshing Captain Lawrence Liquid Gold ($7), both wonderful and local. I also sampled two beers at the ornate beer tasting pavilion: Boat Brew (which I found to be grossly grapefruit-y) and Brooklyn Brewery’s special GoogaMooga beer (which I loved. But I’m biased in favor of all beers Brooklyn Brewery). Though I do appreciate local craft beer, for $10 each plus $2 for a refillable logo cup, the beverage stand options are just fine. However, I really loved the jazz quartet performing in the shade of the tent.

I was planning on sticking around to see Hall and Oates perform, but after a few hours in the sun I had my fill of being outdoors. Ah well, next year!

It’s Becoming Brooklyn’s 2 Year Anniversary!

20 May

Two years ago this weekend, I moved from Manhattan to Brooklyn Heights, and coincidentally, I spent my two year anniversary moving again, but this time to Carroll Gardens. Looking back though my posts, it feels like I’ve been here for much longer, which makes me excited to see where I’ll be two years from now.

Thank you to everyone who reads my posts, tweets me, likes Becoming Brooklyn on Facebook, comes to my meetups– it means a lot to have you here with me through all of my Brooklyn experiences and discoveries. Keep coming back, because if you likes the last two years, I think you’ll like the next two even more.

So let’s have a Baked cupcake and a pint of Brooklyn Brewery beer to celebrate. Cheers!


Go to the Brooklyn Beat Music & Arts Fest.

15 May

What’s better than a weekend long music and art fest? On June 1-3, Art For Progress will be hosting “Brooklyn Beat Music and Arts Festival” at the Paper Box in East Williamsburg. As part of Bushwick Open Studios, the event will bring together live music, DJs, film, performance art, and fashion.

Live music acts include Apollo Heights, Lachi, Ze Luis Quartet, Comandante Zero, and others, with DJs like hipster fave Punches, Jeannie Hopper of Liquid Sound Lounge, Bruce Tantum from Time Out NY, and Kervyn Mark from Melting Pot. Caridad Sola will curate provocative performance art throughout the space. Cool, right?

And Brooklyn Moms and Dads, they will also host an all-ages day on Sunday so families can enjoy the festivities together–  like organic cupcakes sponsored by Francescacake and kid-centric music.

So hang out in the outdoor art garden while  checking out video & art installations. Food will be available for sale, with $3 PBRs all weekend. Visit their website for full schedule and details. 

Sip on This: Three of My Favorite Brooklyn Cocktails

13 May

One of the best parts of summer is alfresco dining– and alfresco drinking. Here are three of my favorite refreshing cocktails to drink in Brooklyn this summer.

1. Cafe Cubana’s Mojito – a simple summer drink at one of my favorite go-to Cuban spots.

Mojito at Cubana Cafe

2. Gran Electrica’s Spicy Margarita – made with habanero-infused tequila… amazing.

Spicy Margarita at Gran Electrica

3. Clover Club’s Nose Dive – a mix of gin, lemon, maple syrup, orange, amaro Abano, and Champagne.

The Nose Dive at The Clover Club

This is Why All Brooklyn Apartments Need Gardens.

12 May

Yellow roses in Cobble Hill.

Where to Eat Right Now: Talde

9 May

After hearing raving reviews for weeks, rumors of two hour waits, and the infamous Hawaiian Bread Buns, fellow blogger Dara and I dined at Talde. If you haven’t heard about it, it’s an Asian-American restaurant and bar from Chef Dale Talde, David Massoni, and John Bush of Thistle Hill Tavern.

I admit. We were a little star-struck by Dale Talde. “Should we say hi?” we whispered, but rather than being like “Oh hey D! (we’re that close) What’s goin’ on?”, We decided to order cocktails and pour over the menu.

Perilla Leaf Mojito

I loved the Perilla Leaf Mojito, a mix of denizen white rum, perilla leaf, fresh lime, lemon-lime bitters, and white sugar. Then we went all out with the small plates, opting for an octopus salad, Hawaiian Bread Buns, the whole fish (it’s very whole) and a side of pea pods. You know those meals that you think about for days later? This was one of them. Especially the whole fish. I don’t really know what kind of fish it was, but it was banana leaf roasted with turmeric and tomato.

We couldn’t resist the dessert, just because it was the oddest combination ever: shaved ice, banana, pineapple, bubble tea, vanilla, and Captain Crunch cereal. The dish was served in a giant bowl with two spoons, and oddly, it was kind of addicting.

Here’s my advice: When you go, get the fish. Try the dessert, whatever it may be. And tell D I say hey.