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Local Roots NYC CSA Fall Share: Week 1

28 Aug

I’m so excited to start my Fall share with Local Roots NYC. We kicked things off this week with peaches, nectarines, hot peppers, eggplant, corn, and wild spinach. Score.

Brooklyn Style: The Skinny Tie

26 Aug

Have a closet full of oversized, fat ties that you’ll never wear again? Meet Joshua– a Tie Kind of Guy and the creator of SKINNYFATTIES, a Brooklyn-based tie brand that can reshape those fat ties into skinny, stylish ones. So how did this start? Why skinny? I chatted with Joshua to get to the bottom of his skinny tie affinity and how we can all get our hands (and necks) on his designs.

BB: So Joshua, what sparked your affinity for skinny ties? 

Joshua: You know, I’ve just always worn ties and have always tried to pull them off for all occasions. Ties aren’t just for work and funerals! I got into tailoring/making ties after learning how to tailor other things. For me, especially in this tough economy (and because I’m extremely skinny), I was led to learning how to tailor my own shirts. I had a blast making my everyday clothes look better. Soon after, my friends started bringing over their clothes. Then, I found this huge box of cool fat ties in my closet. I thought, “Man, I love these ties, but their so fat…” That got me thinking! “What if I slimmed down these suckers?”

BB: When did you start SKINNYFATTIES? 

Joshua: That’s when it all started (Mid-July). At first, to practice and really develop an effective/consistent tailoring system, I altered 10 ties for the National Suit Drive, which helps at-risk men transitioning into the workforce – people needing neckties for interviews.

People loved that I could reshape and upcycle their ties that could have very well just sat in a closet or be thrown out. It was only a few weeks later that I started receiving orders from people all over the world! Check out what this customer in Hong Kong said!

BB: How does one purchase a tie– I think I saw online shopping and events, correct?

Joshua: You can purchase my pre-tailored vintage ties (along with ties I make from scratch!) off my website and also at events that I post about on my website. In the press, I am really pushing the service of tailoring fat ties into skinny ones because that is the least expensive and it is what most people love most about SKINNYFATTIES. All you do is fill out the form, send in your ties, I tailor them, and then I ship them back out (free shipping worldwide).

BB: So you have a workspace in Greenpoint, huh?

Joshua: Yeah, I have a two bedroom apartment in Greenpoint, Brooklyn and one of the bedrooms is designated for SFT and the other I (hardly) sleep in.

Want to see some of Joshua’s work? Check out his Instagram photos, with plenty of before and after shots. And of course, be sure to visit his site to get yourself a tie makeover.

Celebrate The King of Pop’s B-day with Dekalb Market

24 Aug

Attention Michael Jackson fans (or just fans of Dekalb Market celebrations), this Saturday, August 25th, from 7pm to midnight, Dekalb Market will host an action-packed 54th birthday party for Michael Jackson.

Michael Jackson tribute DJ, DJ Spinna, will be playing all of Jackson’s greatest pop hits that made him the star and legend that he is today. Bonus: it’s only $10 to join in on the fun, and under the age of 13 is free. Let the Jackson legacy live on while you snack on good food and browse their vendors.

You can pay at the door or get your tickets here.

Drool of the Day: Veggie Meatballs

22 Aug

Veggie meatballs from The Meatball Shop

This Saturday: Barrier Brewing Tap Takeover

22 Aug

Beer Geeks, listen up. 61Local and Barrier Brewing are combining forces for a tap takeover this Saturday August 25th.  Barrier will be taking over 61Local’s tap lines with a variety of their own beers, plus a few beers from their fave local breweries.  Even more exciting, there will also have a barrel maker in the house restoring a keg, which will be used to age a beer specifically being made for this event and will be brought back to 61Local later. I’m particularly a fan of Barrier’s slogan, “Brewing for Quality not Quantity.”

Kegs get tapped at 5pm and the cooper barrel demo starts at 6pm. I’ll see you there!

Be Brooklyn Hearted

21 Aug

I spotted this little Brooklyn accessory and had to share. These silk-screened totes are made right here in Brooklyn by Clint Van Gemert of HeadHoods, a shop on Etsy. Get yours for $15 here. 

Snack on Bean-to-Bar Chocolate in Red Hook

19 Aug

Sitting on a quiet cobblestoney block in Red Hook, Cacao Prieto is a dreamy little chocolate shop making its own bars right on the premises. The front room space displays the organic bars crafted with Dominican cacao and sugar cane, along with bottles of liquor, also made in-house. You’ll drool over the shiny bonbons in varieties like orange & bergamot, spiced rum, and cashew & cranberry. And if you’re looking to concoct a new cocktail, pick up a bottle of Don Estaban Chocolate Liquer for a unique post-dinner treat.

Check out their site for more info about their sustainable chocolate, and if you can’t make it to Red Hook, you can always purchase yours online here.

Pinot for Pink Recap

16 Aug

(photo credit Nneka Obiudu)

Last week I held a fundraiser event, Pinot for Pink: A Brooklyn Wine Party , to raise money for The Pink Agenda, the charity I’m running the NYC Marathon for this November. I want to thank all of those who attended the event and supported my cause. We spent the evening sipping on wine, chatting about Brooklyn, toured the winery, and even had a little silent auction featuring items from some of my favorite restaurants and businesses.

(photo credit Nneka Obiudu)

Much thanks to all the businesses that donated to the auction– Seersucker Brooklyn, Arthur on Smith, Local Roots NYC, Madiba, Stonehome Winebar, Waterfront Wines and Spirits, Leslie Lewis of Sangha Yoga Shala, Victoria’s Secret (especially Brette Ehrenpreis), and home/made. Also thank you to my lovely photographer for the night, Nneka Obiudu. And of course, special thanks to Brooklyn Winery for having us and donating 10 percent of the evening’s proceeds to The Pink Agenda.

(photo credit Nneka Obiudu)

It was a fabulous evening, and I can’t wait for the next one! Of course, I’m already planning it, so save the date… September 26th. For more info about my fundraising efforts, please visit my FirstGiving page here.

(photo credit Nneka Obiudu)


Best Brooklyn Bloodies By Neighborhood

15 Aug

Bloody Mary from Buttermilk Channel

If you follow me on Twitter, you know I drink a lot of Bloody Marys. Since I’ve had so many, I decided to share with you my favorites by neighborhood. There are some neighborhoods where I haven’t had the chance to drink enough of them to pick a favorite (yet!), so if your favorite is missing, add it in the comments here.

Fort Greene: Olea – tip, pair it with The Turkish Breakfast

Brooklyn Heights: Colonie– make sure to sit at the bar seating around the kitchen so you can watch the chefs cook up your brunch too

Red Hook: The Good Fork– It’s a little spicy– just the way I like it!

Boerum Hill: Building on Bond– follow up your bloody with another brunch cocktail (there’s plenty to choose from!)

Cobble Hill: Char No. 4– made with Bourbon for a twist

Carroll Gardens: Buttermilk Channel – pictured here. Enough said.

Prospect Heights: 606 R&D – Fabulous backyard space– don’t miss it.

Park Slope: Stone Park Cafe– Perfect Pre-Park Lounge Day Starter

Williamsburg: Dumont– Known for their burger, but should be known for this too!

I understand that “best” is completely subjective. My bloody taste may not match yours, but these are my favorites. Tell me your picks!

Where is the Best Brooklyn Sushi at?

13 Aug

I asked you, “Where can I find the best sushi in Brooklyn?” And with a mix of very passionate responses, here are some of the spots you all crave.

1. One or Eight Sushi in Williamsburg

2. Hibino in Cobble Hill

3. Taro in Prospect Heights

4. Ki Sushi in Cobble Hill

5. Momo Sushi Shack in East Williamsburg

I couldn’t agree more with your recos, but I want to add another to the list– Kyoto Sushi in Cobble Hill/Boerum Hill. It’s nothing fancy– but if you’re looking for a solid place with fresh sashimi and maki rolls at a cheap price, give it a shot. I especially enjoyed the sunflower roll special, which was almost too pretty too eat– a mix of tuna, avocado, and asparagus, topped with mango and a lobster salad center.

Do you have a Brooklyn sushi spot not on the list?