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Hurricane Sandy Photo Update: Red Hook Flooding

29 Oct


(photos via Paul W. Fusco)

Your New Must-Try Ramen Joint: Ganso

28 Oct

Tam-Tam Ramen

By 2013, we’re going to have ramen noodles coming out of our ears, but I’m okay with that. The ramen trend continues with a newer spot in Downtown Brooklyn, Ganso, on Bond Street. The noodle joint comes from a food writer who cooked in Tokyo and Kyoto, Harris Salat. This is the place to go when you’re craving warm carb-y comfort food. Aside from ramen, Ganso serves up small plates like spicy wings, Kari Kari pork buns, Japanese-style fried chicken, and spring rolls with spicy mayo dipping sauce. Keep an eye out for fresh seafood specials– I started my meal with this spicy mackerel dish.

Mackerel special

But let’s talk about the ramen. The menu offers five varieties– like the “Spicy Miso” with slow braised pork two ways, ajitama egg and seasonal greens, or the “Stamina” (as they say in Japan) with shrimp paste, chicken chashu, onion, Napa cabbage, and garlic chives. I went with the veggie option– Tam-Tam, or sesame-chilli broth, ajitama egg, shiitake and Asian greens. Sometimes when you order a veggie ramen, you run into a lack-of-flavor problem. Not the Tam-Tam. It was rich with layers of spice and earthy mushroom tastes. Plus I get a thrill out of stabbing the soft-boiled egg with my chopstick and watching the yolk ooze into the broth.

Ganso is still waiting on their liquor license, but I recommend trying the cold brewed Hojicha– a Japanese roasted green tea. See the full menu here. 


Wear It: Reclaimed Record Bracelets

26 Oct

Reclaimed anything somehow makes it cooler, doesn’t it? Well check out these bracelets made by WrecordsbyMonkey. They feature both the Brooklyn and Manhattan skylines– perfect for those who have left Manhattan for the borough over the bridge. The set goes for $40.

WrecordsByMonkey is a Brooklyn-based design company that bridges the worlds of fashion, art and music. They create handmade accessories with a low carbon footprint, and offer bracelets, necklaces, earrings, rings and t-shirts, all inspired by the idea of relating to music lovers of every generation. Get yours here. 


Pumpkin Apple Butter Pie with Gingersnap Crumble Recipe

24 Oct

I wouldn’t consider myself a baker, and I’m not usually one to write about home recipes. But tomorrow night I’m attending a Pie Party Potluck– and when I mentioned the Pumpkin Apple Butter Pie with a Gingersnap Crumble, I started getting recipe requests. So here it is! This is a recipe from the better baker in the family, my mom, who has a talent for creating the best Fall pies.

Pumpkin Apple Butter Pie with Gingersnap Crumble

Pie Filling

1 1/4 cups canned pumpkin
6 Tablespoons applebutter
6 Tablespoons of brown sugar
3/4 cup whipping cream
2 eggs
1 egg yolk
1 Tablespoon of sugar
1/2 teaspoon vanilla
1/2 teaspoon nutmeg
1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
1/2 teaspoon ginger
1/4 teaspoon ground cloves
1/4 teaspoon salt

1/2 cup brown sugar
1/2 cup oatmeal
1 cup crushed gingersnap cookies
4 Tablespoons of butter
4 Tablespoons of flour

Combine all ingredients . Stir until mixture resembles course crumbs.
Preheat oven to 350 degrees

In a large bowl, combine all pie filling ingredients. Pour into prepared pie crust.( Pre made or home made)

Bake in Preheated oven for 50-60 min. Or until a knife inserted 2 inches from the center comes out clean. Sprinkle streusel topping over pieand bake an additional 15 min.


Now Open: Brooklyn Sandwich Society

22 Oct
After a successful three years of running one of the coolest super clubs in the city, Brooklyn Edible Social Club, co-founders Andres and Melissa are taking things to the next level– opening a restaurant, the Brooklyn Sandwich Society. It’s farm-to-table, with a focus on supporting and promoting regional agriculture. The menu includes both small plates and sandwiches (of course), like the Cumberland, with honey-glazed Berkshire pork belly, sweet pickled carrot, shiso, kimchi aoli on Pain au Lait, and the Clinton with marinated eggplant, purple mizuna, ricotta, and sauce verte on ciabatta. A cute touch– the sandwiches are named after Brooklyn streets (Waverly, Myrtle, Grand….)
So the sad news– the supper club will not go on, but Andres and Melissa hope that with the restaurant they’ll be able to each even more people than before and infuse more money into the local food economy. Right now they’re serving dinner, but in the next couple of weeks they’ll add brunch (yay!), and soon after, they’ll open for lunch.
Check out their website here to learn more, and stop in the new location at 184 Dekalb Avenue.

Yes, This is a Margarita.

19 Oct

Do or Dine, the home of the legendary foie gras doughnut, is serving up spherical cocktails. How does it work? So first you take the shot of tequila, then you pop the lime-y sphere in your mouth as a chaser. They also have a pickleback variety. Cheers.

Brooklyn’s Backyard Highlights: Muffins, Cheesecake, and Adam Richman

19 Oct

ImageClearly the best part of the NYC Wine and Food Fest was the only Brooklyn-dedicated event, Brooklyn’s Backyard hosted by Adam Richman. The event was a tribute to the diverse treats of Brooklyn– from smoked fish to tacos, to pickles and grilled cheese.


I tasted by way through the first floor of One Hanson Place, while sipping on Captain Lawrence brew and wine from Thorny Rose— and tea from the presenter of the event, Pure Leaf, of course. My favorites? The grilled cheese and tomato soup pairing from FOODfreaks Grilled Cheese, salmon from Acme Smoked Fish Corporation, mini muffins from Blue Sky Bakery, and the decadent chocolate cheesecake cups from Junior’s.



BUT by far the best part was meeting host Adam Richman. Of course, I had to get a picture with the Man Vs. Food star before the night was over. Then, Adam and borough president Marty Markowitz rallied the crowd around Brooklyn’s awesome-ness.

I’m still recuperating from my food overdose. To see all event participants, check out the list here. 

#FallFaves with Google NYC Recap

16 Oct

Thank you to all who came out to my #FallFaves event with Google NYC over the weekend. We strolled through Carroll Gardens stopping at some of my favorite spots– Palo Cortado, The Jake Walk, Bar Great Harry, and Arthur on Smith.

Palo Cortado treated us to two varieties of sherry, along with a generous helping of tapas– crostini, fried chickpeas, cheese, and charcuterie. It was the perfect way to kick off the crawl, warming us up for our following three stops.

At the Jakewalk, we had my new favorite cocktail, Mr. October, which is now available on their menu. I quote from an attendee, “It tastes like the inside of an apple pie!”

We moved across the street to Bar Great Harry where we sipped on pumpkin beer and hard cider. Can’t get much more Fall-esque than that, right?

Our concluding stop was Arthur on Smith– who served up the sweet and spicy “Rasher Rye” cocktail, along with a Satur Farms Carrot Salad with buttermilk, black cumin, and dill. Chef Joe was even kind enough to make a special version for our vegan guests and gave us some to-go containers for the leftovers.

Thank you to all my #FallFave spots!  Want to be in on some other Google events? Sign up for their newsletter! 

Hammock Pack: A Getaway at Your Doorstep

14 Oct

Who needs a getaway? I know how ya feel. That’s why I was so excited when Brooklyn-based brand Hammock Pack sent me a getaway right to my door (and I didn’t have to pay for an expensive flight). Hammock Pack is a subscription service that sends a box of goodies to make you feel like you’re taking a little vacay, without leaving your home. Each month is a different theme. I got a camping themed box. I have to admit, I’m definitely not a camping kinda girl, but this could have convinced me otherwise. Perhaps it’s because it brought me all the fun things about camping, like s’mores and campfires, without mosquitoes and sleeping on the ground.

Opening the box was half the fun– with the cute little description card and silky purply bow. Inside, I found five camping themed items– s’mores from S’More Bakery (based here in NYC), Halo Soap Tea Tree Mud Mask, All Out Nuts Everything Nice Blend, Herbivore Botanicals Healing Salve, and Oh Sudz Charcoal Soap. I practically squealed at how well each item followed the theme.

You know I’m all about the food, so let’s talk about that first. This was unlike any other s’more I’ve ever had. I cooked the artisanal dessert could right in my own oven until it came out toasty and gooey– with toasted coconut mallow sandwiched between two dark chocolate grahams & semisweet chocolate ganache. The nuts were addictive too– baked with vanilla and baking spices, giving it a crunchy texture and sweet and spicy flavor.

I gave the mud mask a shot– usually these kinda things make my uber-sensitive skin itchy and red, but this one left it smooth and soft. Plus it smells good too, something I didn’t expect from its muddy appearance.


So who knew charcoal was good for your skin? I’m obsessing over this Oh Sudz hand soap because it doesn’t leave your hands all oily like some other ones do. Now I just need a good soap dish. Finally, the Herbivore Botanicals hand salve was a great final touch– perhaps an ode to the first aid kit? And as someone prone to bug bites, cuts, scrapes, etc. etc. this one is a must-have in my apartment.

The best part is– I can do this once a month! Subscriptions are $25 per month– so try it once, try a 3 month subscription, or full. Here’s the link to get yours. Enjoy.

Let’s Taste Red Hook.

8 Oct

What does Red Hook taste like? I think it’s a combination of sweet + salty brownies from Baked, an overstuffed lobster roll from Red Hook Lobster Pound, and a Fort Defianace omelet, all washed down with a glass of Red Hook Winery’s rose.

On October 23, 6-9pm, you can officially taste Red Hook, all for a good cause. The proceeds will go to The Red Hook Initiative– a group helping empower local youth to overcome systematic inequalities and make social change.

So who else will be there? Some of my fave restaurants and artisans like the ones I mentioned earlier, plus Seersucker, Brewklyn Grind, Pok Pok, Mile End, Steve’s Key Lime Pie, and lots more. After dinner, a silent auction will feature gift certificates to the best spots in Brooklyn, spa treatments, designer accessories, and theater tickets. Visit their site here to get in on this event.