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Say Cheers with Medicinal Cocktails

4 Jun

bijansDo I see a “cocktail cleanse” in the future? Ok, maybe not quite, but at Bijan’s in Boerum Hill, Brooklyn, you can feel better about happy hour.

Bijan’s serves a “medicinal” cocktail menu—meaning they add herbs and spices with nutritional value to mixed drinks for an extra boost. Take the signature “Bijan” for example, is a mix of vodka, pineapple, healing mint, immune-building elderflower, and cayenne.

“We make all of our own all-natural syrups daily, use fresh squeezed juice, and spices like cayenne ‘awaken’ the body. Nothing is artificial here,” said Erica English, Bijan’s General Manager.

The herbal ingredients, like mint, basil, and their specialty iced tea with rose petals, come from a local shop just down the street—The Herb Shoppe, a retail business selling organic herbs & teas, and providing herbal healing & medication. Bijan’s also brings its health-conscious tendencies to its Persian-inspired menu. Instead of salt, dishes are flavored with Pepper and Sumac, a Persian spice made up of 250 different herbs. And have no fear if you’re dining with your gluten-free, vegan, lactose-intolerant, or nut-allergic pals, Bijan’s makes an effort to accommodate all dietary restrictions and allergies—so no feeling awkward about menu requests.

Bottom line: Go for the cocktails, stay for the food, and enjoy the added bonus of natural, organic herbs and spices.


Find your Balance at Bijan’s Brooklyn

30 Sep

There’s a little place in Boerum Hill that’s offering a unique, relaxing, almost zen-like atmosphere, that you likely haven’t heard much about. Bijan’s Brooklyn on Hoyt Street is serving up Persian-inspired fare and “medicinal cocktails” unlike any other Brooklyn eatery or drinkery I’ve visited. The cocktails are mixed up to cure your ailments– like The Bijan, a concoction of vodka with pineapple, healing mint, immune-building elderflower, and cayenne, or my fave– The Red Hot Pump, with tequila, pumpkin, triple sec, cayenne, and fresh lime. It’s the real deal too– the medicinal herbs are provided by The Herb Shoppe.

The dinner menu also focuses on herbs and spices, but also simply prepared dishes. The mezes are the perfect intro to Bijan’s, like the eggplant and crushed walnuts with sumac and olive oil, served with fresh pita. I followed that with seared scallops served with heirloom tomatoes, and topped with olive oil and pine nuts. If you’ve spent one too many nights dining on bacon wrapped fried food and greasy pizzas, this spa-esque cuisine may be a good break. Plus, it’s affordable, with $6 mezes, $8 salads and $12-$19 entrees.

Check out the full menu here. I’ve yet to try brunch– but I’ll be back soon.